Have I mentioned that I love these boys?

Have I mentioned that I love these boys?

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Miss Ginny

The boys have always wanted a cat. We found Miss Ginny at the veterinarian's office and she was up for adoption. We had Miss Ginny for a short time, but she will always have an impact on our lives. She was a sweet little girl who became best friends with Cole and Sam. We will miss her and as Cole said, "we will never be the same".

Garrett got a couple of pictures of Cole. He has become camera shy and we seldom can catch him on camera. It must be the age.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Garrett had his Valentine's Party at his school and had a great time. Every Valentine he received, he told each friend thank you and gave them a hug. Garrett, you have such a huge personality that literally shines.

Garrett and Sam

Garrett is such a busy little guy and his personality fits perfectly with Sam's. The two play constantly and Sam never leaves Garrett's side while he is outside. They love to swim together and Sam often pouts when Garrett leaves for school.

New Pictures

For Rodeo Day, Garrett (as usual) was in full character and had a great time. We were told to call him Sheriff Garrett.

I'm Back

Ok... so my last post mentioned that I will become better about updating my blog. So maybe posting every 4-5 months is a more realistic goal. As you all know, I am not much of a writer, but wanted these pictures in the blog.